Educating Spain

The aim of this report is to analyse the Spanish Educational System and to describe the positive and negative effects of the current structures in schools and our society. It will also consider likely future developments.

Adult Education

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Unfair land ownership, poverty and  late democratization resulted in a relative low literacy levels. In Andalusia, the public administration made literate nearly half a million people in the last twenty years leading to a UNESCO award for the process which reduced from the illiterate rates  14% to 4%.

There is a generation of elderly people, especially women, who were born before or during the Spanish Civil War that had no possibility of learning in schools during their childhood. Those people were the key to this process that has resulted in a modernization of our society. Furthermore, this system made adult learning the pride of the educational system.

Economic crisis in modern times

The economic crisis has devastated the structure of the public services in the past seven years. The budget restrictions have continuously reduced in education and their effects are now clearly visible. For example, school staff have dramatically decreased. The government approved a  law that only allowed schools to contract 1 out of 10 vacancies.

In some schools additional needs services have disappeared.This has been detrimental for immigrants with language barriers or disabled students. For instance, the economic situation has decreased the opportunities to some groups with less opportunities such as immigrants, disabled people and groups at risk of social exclusion.

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