History is not always boring, although sometimes it is (Mr Turner and The Imitation Game, film reviews)

The lives of two of the most prodigious and talented Britons in history, the painter William Turner and the mathematician Alan Turning, have been recently narrated in very different ways. Although a compelling plot is common to both movies, there is a world of difference between the stunning performance of Benedict Cumberbatch as Turning and the unconvincing Spall’s work.

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It is in their thematic content that the two films resemble each other most. Despite the fact that the threat Mr Turning had received from the government will remain forever as a national shame,  Mr Turner stays as controversial as ever. Also common to both films is that the magnificent reviews push them into the arena of 2014’s Oscar contenders.

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Mr Turner really differs from Tyldum’s masterpiece in its tedious rhythm that probably could send you to sleep. In fact after the screening, you might feel very disappointed as a result of the high expectations produced by an over hyped media campaign. On the other hand, the  World War Two grabs and holds your attention throughout an has an unforgettable ending that make you burst into tears.  In conclusion, if, as I do, you favour something more gripping, but no less powerful, then “The Imitation Game” is a must-see.

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