Manage your stress: a supportive guide for people who live abroad

Although stress is a human feeling, the way you cope with it is what makes the difference. That is the reason why this guidance might help you whilst living or studying abroad, and you know it is not always an easy street. However, bear in mind that the harder you try to, the better you will feel!

Stress awareness

There are an infinite reasons why you may feel stress, but according to recent researches  we reached to the conclusion that the more common situations producing stress are: bullying, financial problems, time keeping records and cultural differences.

Working on your social skills

We advised to work on your soft skills. For this reason, we encourage people who think about moving abroad to know the local manners and be aware of the cultural differences.

It might seem obvious but try to be punctual  and plan your journeys in advance. If we are talking about manners, never forget to be polite at all the times.

We also want you to budget your money for the accommodation and your expenses.

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