Scotland gets fit (or try it)

In a nation where buying fizzy drinks is certainly cheaper than purchasing till water is is not surprise than young people’s weight is increasing without showing signs of stopping.

Having seen this problem as a national concern, politicians, schools and civil society are urged to act adequately to eradicate this problem. Probably the best way to reach that goal is to engage kids in doing sports more regularly.



In all schools across Scotland physical education is one of the only compulsory subjects in the broad general education of secondary schools. Head teachers, school management and men and women in politics are committed to getting our pupils fit. If you travel around the country you might admire how well equipped the different centres are.

However, the uptake of sports is difficult to impose so parents have a crucial role in it. They have to make their kids aware of the benefits of sports and maintaining a healthy way of living. Whenever youngers see their parents being healthy and doing sports they will imitate them later on.




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