Protecting endengared species

Over time, climate change, population growth and economic crises have been damaging the environment severely but it is only in recent years that some governments have begun to take actions to control the impact of humans on their territories. Furthermore, politicians have implemented some legislation to raise awareness of protecting species and educating the younger generations to come.

It is not only schools and local councils that educate our children but also families ought to work on smalls projects to safeguard our bio-diversity, for example, by collecting money or maintaining rivers and canals. It seems that some people do not realize every little helps.


Lobbyists, campaigners, charities and green parties are also developing policies to ensure that wildlife will be protected in certain areas. The Spanish National Park Act prohibits hunters and villains from killing any animals in the most important Spanish reservoirs. It is also worth mentioning that in my country it is illegal to profit from protected animals skins.

To sum up, education and this recent legislative effort are both equally important to save our wildlife. Animals are considered a part of our heritage so it is necessary for all of us to keep them living and flourishing in our beautiful landscapes. Are you able to imagine Scotland without thistles or Spain without bulls? Let’s work together to live in more greener places.

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